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Hi! I'm Dr. E and my job is to assist you in getting into alignment with YOUR unique purpose assignment.

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"You can have it in your heart but can't manifest it in your hands because you haven't gotten it straight in your head." - Dr. E

Purpose, simply put, is defined as the reason why something exists. Let’s use a very simple example. Purpose goes beyond what something IS. It even goes beyond what something DOES. Purpose is the very heart of WHY it’s HERE.

You exist because you are a solution. Now, while reading that statement you might find yourself in one of three categories:

  • I have NO idea what that could possibly be.
  • I know my purpose but I'm unclear about how to pursue or activate it.
  • I'm already operating in my purpose but I need a clear strategy so that I can yield tangible results.

If either one of those is you...then you've come to the right place!

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My signature Purpose Positioning system allows me to assist you in increasing your presence, platform, performance and profit.

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About Dr. E

Global Speaker| Marketing & Business Strategist | Author| The Empowerment Specialist®| Founder of The Purpose Positioning Institute™ | Founder of Our K Club™

Dr. Elisa LaShell Harney uses information, instruction and impartation to help today's leaders increase their presence, platform, performance and profit. She has taken her last 12 years of entrepreneurship, over 23 years of working in ministry and the last four years of operating as a business strategist, speaker and coach to develop premium programs to empower, equip and educate personally, professionally and prophetically.

Dr. Harney has evolved into assisting her clients with proven wealth strategies and systems for sustainable progression to materialize their prosperity in their unique assignment and profits. Her signature systems have allowed them to see exponential growth in their profit margins and dividends.

She not only assists men and women in becoming healed and whole, but she assists them in their evolution of leadership with practical protocol for professional progression.

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